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Reunions Bring Out the Best!

Reunions can cause indigestion, depression, laughter, embarrassment, discomfort, and unanswerable  questions.

Questions like:

  1. Do I have to hear that same story again? it is the 76th retelling, and it wasn’t that funny the first time it surfaced.
  2. My gosh, Cousin Maude looks ancient! Oh yeah, she’s my age!
  3. When did cousin Dickie start drinking beer for breakfast? I knew his marriage was rocky, but 3 beers before the eggs are fried?
  4. I know better than to eat the potato salad Aunt Edna always brings. I don’t know what her mystery recipe is, but the bathroom occupancy rates increase whenever it appears.
  5. I don’t know my cousins’ children’s names, so why do they insist telling me about their grandchildren’s deeds and misdeeds? Do I care?
  6. Do we have to look at pictures from Reunions Past? They reflect just how old we look now, reminding us how old we are!
  7. Do you think Uncle Elmer brought a gun to show his support for Trump?
  8. Did Aunt Gracie wear his Women’s March sweat shirt to show her contempt for Trump?
  9. Is there going to be a yelling match or a knife fight over the great American political divide?
  10. When can we go home?

Yep, reunions are filled with anxiety, surprises, and lots of hugs as we check out where the weapons are located on our relatives’ bodies.

Okies (that’s short for Oklahoma natives) bring unexpected entertainment to any reunion.


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