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Do We Dare?

It is amazing how self-imposed lockdown can create such diverse thoughts from varied souls who also are spending hours encased in the confines of their limited physical environments.

How’s that for a run-on sentence? My 9th grade English teacher would be splashing red ink all over my assignment if I had turned it in as the beginning of an essay.

Here we sit, letting our idle brains roam in unexplored mental caverns just to see what we find. Oh, the surprises we uncover, similar to opening a forgotten trunk in the attic filled with useless but interesting objects.

Our imaginations run wild with possibilities, galloping over mysterious terrain, making up scenarios about what might have been or what we hope will be. Off we go allowing pictures, thoughts, words, and emotions to dip and climb, change colors and direction, where insanity finds a place to live, and reality is offered a haven for rest.

Freedom of the mind is hard to embrace. What if we unleash all those suppressed, ignored and buried thoughts? Frightening images of chaos and destruction crowd out creativity and block imagination and inspiration.

Endless hours of quiet aloneness free our fears. We become less terrified of the nameless and unfamiliar, and begin to welcome the innovative, refreshing, and often quirky interpretations previously unseen.

Yes, social distancing and solitude allow us to discover the exuberance, power, and peace found  when the breeze of freshness touches our minds. We ride this wild horse as it races across our lives, daring to trust, sensing the immensity of the unknown, laughing with pleasure, crying with loss, shouting with joy, succumbing to our authenticity.

Who knew Covid-19 could lead us to ourselves? To our true selves? To our oneness?

If we dare.

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