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A Disease Empowers a Virus

I’m mad.

I’m frightened.

I’m outraged.

I’m saddened

I’m disgusted.

I’m nervous.

I’m lonely.

I’m tired.

I’m Corona Virus weary.

But I’m not surprised.

There is a sickness in the White House. Most Americans recognized the symptoms of the malady even before a fever was detected, but they hoped it could be contained.

The disease, dubbed secretly as Big Orange (BO), gained strength and began spreading. Some identified it but couldn’t find a vaccine to curb or stop its growth.

The sickness was ignored, justified, overlooked, even praised and with each denial BO became more emboldened. It attacked long-held principals, values, morals, beliefs with no regard to rules, laws, or truth.

BO had become so powerful it allowed another sickness to infiltrate the land by hiding the truth, blaming others, and shifting focus from the new deadly crisis.

The new epidemic, called COVID-19, found a fertile environment already weakened by BO’s lies and willful denial, leaving the country unprepared for its onslaught.

People began to die. Hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands of Americans took to sick beds in homes and hospitals where many gasped their final breaths in isolation.

BO’s power began to quiver, but would not give up without multiple attacks. Altering facts, promising quick recovery, casting doubt, and rejecting culpability were shouted daily hoping to convince those who continued to believe that BO wasn’t an ailment, but rather a new way for Americans and the world to exist.

BO continues to stomp, fabricate, infiltrate, and spew deadly spittle at a nation wanting leadership, answers, truth, and wellness.

None of this surprises me, but it saddens, frightens, disheartens, angers, and disgusts me.

It saddens me because people are dying.

It frightens me because BO believes it is all powerful, free of restraint or boundaries.

It disheartens me because it is amoral.

It angers me because it seems uncaring about who gets hurt.

It disgusts me because we, as a nation, can do and have done better.

Will the BO infection continue to creep its way into the country’s underbelly? Or will that disease be removed in a November cleansing?

We can hope, and vote.




15 thoughts on “A Disease Empowers a Virus

  1. Four years ago I could not believe we would end up here, with BO in power. Four years ago I knew that we, as a society, felt ignored. Still, I did not believe that a nation that calls itself Christian could be sucked into the vortex created by BO. I thought we would demand some integrity, morality, intelligence, even honesty – despite its becoming a quality in short supply in this society – from the person we chose to represent our country. Yet here we are. I will hope, but I fear for our future.


  2. Thanks for framing our challenge! We can also live radical love and inspire each and all our relationships to be the force of positive change in all arenas and in all moments!


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