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Low Maintenance: Good, Bad, Who Cares?

A friend recently noted that I was ‘low maintenance’, and I took that as a compliment.

Then I began to wonder; what exactly does low maintenance mean?

Am I boring? Am I not forceful? Am I muffled? I could be gentle.

Does low mean I’m miserable?  That I have diminished needs? Or I don’t require many repairs?

When I looked up the definition of the words ‘low’ and ‘maintenance’ those meanings confused me further. For instance, Low can mean little, soft, sad, depleted, and trough.

And Maintenance can mean upkeep, preservation, alimony, repairs, grants, protection, and the list goes on.

If I’m low maintenance, I could cost little alimony, or need small amounts of protection. Maybe I require minimal upkeep, or am short of money.

I decided to see how low maintenance compares with high maintenance, which led to even more questions. High can mean, among other things, tall, great, shrill, sharp, abnormal, height, extreme, and on and on.

Just using a few of those definitions, high maintenance then could translate to extreme upkeep, or abnormal safeguarding, or tall repairs (as in roof replacing?).

You get the picture.

Since my friend’s tone in her email sounded sincere and loving, I’m going to take it she meant I am easy to be around requiring little attention.

So, I must ask myself: do I really want to be low maintenance? Sometimes that conjures up the image of a wallflower, overlooked and undervalued.

Do you see the pitfalls of being in isolation? Way too much time to question things that make no difference and lead to inane self conversations

14 thoughts on “Low Maintenance: Good, Bad, Who Cares?

  1. Yep, too much time on your hands for sure. I have always been proud of being low maintenance, but I do think that sometimes I don’t get attention just because of that…and once in awhile, ask my husband, I can demand some high maintenance attention!

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  2. You have a tough core for self maintenance and a brilliant wit to shake off bulls-t and a loving smile that sustains all around you. Love you, mj!


  3. I agree with what Dawn said. Being low maintenance can leave you in the shadows, just like being self-sufficient or capable sometimes does. The other thing all this isolation can do is give time to relive every mistake you ever made. Or spend too much time on Facebook which can lead to getting all riled up and wanting to tell a certain portion of this country what to do with themselves. I got there yesterday so I went out and chopped up leaves with the mower.


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