Temporary Art

One of my favorite things I love about San Miguel is the art on walls, doors, along alleys, side streets, and tucked along vacant lot barriers. This week I heard that the city government is going to paint over these random paintings that bring me, and I hope others, so much joy.

I’ve been taking pictures of these pieces of art for the past 3 years, so decided I’d share a few of my favorites I’ve not shown before.

I discovered this one recently and I’m going to be very saddened if it gets obliterated because it doesn’t fit some image of what is acceptable. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy what we find.

street art, San Miguel de Allende, that little voice


One of my all time favorites taken in Old Quebec, Canada.


13 thoughts on “Temporary Art

    1. Yes, it is a shame if they are all covered. However, the artists seem to understand that art on walls and streets and pavements and walkways will eventually disappear, making room for other works of art. However, I will miss some of my favorites. mj

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  1. Ellie and I are both devastated and maybe many more by the cruel and senseless painting over the bouganvilla tree I painted as a memorial to her husband.

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