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Over Ripe Bananas? Really?

I’ve lost track of what Alert Level we are currently under here in San Miguel de Allende.

And if I knew the alert level, I would have no idea what that would mean. Level 2 or 3? Is there a level 8?

All I know is traffic is light, I can’t find anything but over ripe, blackened bananas at the local produce establishment, and we almost got rain Sunday evening.

That’s what life is like during a pandemic that apparently attacks ‘at risk because of age’ elders who have locked themselves in their casas fearful of anybody or any thing walking near enough to share a droplet of their breath.

Everyone is urged to wear masks, except those workers who are rebuilding new streets in town, and to wash their hands often, even those folks who have no water. It’s a double whammy for those workers who don’t have masks and then go home after a long day of digging in the dirt and hauling rocks, void of that precious commodity known as H2O.

What promotes gratitude within my soul is that I am not doing back breaking labor, that I have several masks, and that I am able to bathe whenever I want to. Those simple advantages we take for granted are considered luxuries when seen through the eyes of those who are not as fortunate.

Meanwhile, I concern myself with the condition of bananas I can find, and whether my limited garden will get a drop or two of rain reminding it to produce lovely blooms for my visual pleasure.

Humility raises its hand, waving for attention, reminding me to be appreciative for what I have, and to offer assistance where and how I can. That does not make me a hero, that makes me human.

Be safe, and care for one another.

17 thoughts on “Over Ripe Bananas? Really?

  1. Very nice sentiments expressed by you through this post.
    It’s true that we should feel ourselves blessed as compared to such poor, but brave warriors facing the oddities in order to save humanity risking even their lives.


  2. Particularly confusing here, as Ouray County is stricter than the state. No non-essential travel. Whaat does that mean? Can I travel to Montrose to buy groceries, given that I have a grocery store in Ridgway? Can I go there to have my car serviced if it’s not an emergency? Can I travel to Grand Junction to buy furniture? To buy new tires at the discount store where I have a warranty, if the old one is the wrong size and it’s bad for my car to drive it that way? And what if my neighbor is a vigilante, ready to lecture me on what I can and Can’t do.

    Anyway, it’s beautiful here, in Just-spring.

    So I did have my car serviced yesterday and learned that the tire I bought in Tucson is the wrong size so I’m going to Grand Junction today to replace it. And I’ll look at furniture while I’m there. Just don’t tell my neighbor.



  3. Very wise words, “ Humility raises its hand, waving for attention, reminding me to be appreciative for what I have, and to offer assistance where and how I can.“ we shouldn’t need to be reminded, yet we don’t always remember.

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  4. Perfectly put. Here’s to common decency and being there for one another in whatever ways we can. Because so long as we are willing to be mindful of others, we will see ways to give a little even if it’s as tiny as a broad eye lighting smile behind our mask 😷 😃


  5. The condition of bananas is a worthwhile concern indeed. Think of all the bread it needs to be made into and children’s bowls of cereal just asking for the fruit! Yes we should be grateful for our good fortunes and plenties during this time!


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