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Reality Sucks!

Oh, my gosh, the longer I’m in self-isolation the more addictions I discover I harbor.

My internet went out this week and it was not a pretty picture around my casa.

For three days I gnawed on my fingernails, stomped my feet, checked my modem a thousand times, paced my hallway, chewed another fingernail, watered the plants even though it was raining, boiled a couple of eggs and forgot them until they exploded spewing egg parts from ceiling to cabinets to floor.

As I said, not a pretty picture.

When I lose my internet connection, that means no emails, no messages, no television, no Alexa, no green lights blinking merrily on the gizmo that lets me know I’m wired to the world.

When one is living alone, and the world is in lockdown, one needs distractions other than a couple of doglets who both want to be lap dogs at the same time.

it was during these days of deprivation that I discovered, not for the first time, I find comfort in receiving messages from friends via email and sometimes even Facebook. And I really want to know the running tally of people infected with the coronavirus. I need all that bad news as a reminder why I’m washing my hands every 30 minutes as I clean egg off the counter tops.

I did not know the extent of my need to hear the ping of an email arriving. I underestimated my longing for a commercial break. How was I to know my happiness is dependent on my computer?

There are a couple of good things in this extra sensory void. I have now looked at all 5,948 pictures in my photo library and have done some editing on most of them. I have discovered dust mounds on top of cabinets while hunting for wayward yolks. And, I learned I need a 12 step program for detoxing from internet consumption.

Oh, the perils of social distancing.

I do hope you are handling this ‘learning about yourself’ better than I am.

Stay Safe, and Stay Sane.

21 thoughts on “Reality Sucks!

  1. I’ve not left my home since the 12th March, apart from walking exercise over the fields and up the lane and back. I don’t feel stir crazy and I don’t mind being on my own. Though I am fortunate to have a daughter next door with whom I can chat, though only in the garden at a safe distance if weather permits.

    The rest of my kids drop off groceries and we also have a chat outside. Other than that I haven’t spoken to outsiders.

    Other people, the Internet and messages I can cope without. I could not cope without a computer, or laptop on which to write and create projects, preferably my computer. And I would miss the television and my two hours of TV in the evening.

    Lockdown is easing gradually in England, but not in Scotland and Wales. I worry it’s too much too soon, and would have preferred to follow the lead of Scotland and Wales, but I can appreciate how the rest of society welcome it.


      1. E-mails not fussed about, but do I like my evening TV before bed! I’m pleased that you’re back on line, a big relief for you πŸ™‚


  2. I do believe we would have gone mad without the www. Much maligned for bringing a time waster into our lives but right now it’s the communication lifeline to friends, family, shopping for everyday needs and a wide news base….(sadly Trump and Boris still take up too much space)….. Lockdown seems like something we would normally rebel about, but I guess for the most part we have embraced it rather well… At least for most of the time ⌚😊


      1. It is so loud it carries across the Atlantic…even drown our Boris and ihis bumbling blather. They say we get the politicians we deserve….. we didn’t need these two and particularly right now. But best to stay cheerful – despite everything πŸ™‚

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  3. Ahhh, loss of internet would be the very last straw between me and insanity. It is my communication with the world and my kids – it is my entertainment, my giver of books to read, my answerer of questions, my finder of recipes to try, yarns to buy, my life, I believe. I was just saying the pandemic seems to have everything in slow motion, which might be a good lesson for us – but For the internet to stop, completely? Horrors!


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