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What is This FOTD?

I love flowers, I just don’t know the names of any of them. Well, usually I can tell a rose from an iris, sometimes.

Anyway, I happened upon this beauty and thought I’d pass it along with the question: anybody know what this is?

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15 thoughts on “What is This FOTD?

  1. Celosia, commonly known as cockscomb. It’s one of the flowers used for Day of the Dead. The other being Marigolds. They come in several colours but it’s the red one that gave its name.


    1. Thanks India. It took a Canadian to figure it out. The question is now: how did you know? I couldn’t find it. Also, I did not know it was used iin Day of the Dead celebrations. I’ll have to look more carefully. I knew marigolds were used, but not the Celosia..

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