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Unknown Story for Weekend Challenge

There is a story behind this picture, I just don’t know what it is.

Back in 2005 our family had a gathering to celebrate Christmas in the small southeastern Oklahoma town where I was born.

We always drive around town just to see what hasn’t changed in 70+ years, and usually that means not much has changed.

However, we happened onto a house we had not noticed in years past, and we gapped in amazement. What in the world was going on with this smoke pipe coming out of the window?

I admit, Okies have long been known as a bit unsophisticated, that is a polite understatement, but this sight was most unusual.

I can’t tell you if this is for a fireplace, a stove, an outdoor grill, or ….

And I didn’t have the courage to knock on the door and ask, not call the fire department. It was afterall Christmas morning.

I noted the upholstered chair in the front lawn (see lower right in top photo) so apparently someone enjoys spending days and perhaps nights basking in the winter sunshine or moonlight.

Take a guess as to what you think.



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6 thoughts on “Unknown Story for Weekend Challenge

  1. A flue for a central heating boiler? a chimney for a free standing log burning stove? I’ll bet they didn’t have a smoke detector either!
    Good one, Margo Thank you for sharing it with our Story challenge!


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