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Have We Had Enough? If So, Now What?

When will we say “ENOUGH”?

When will the American people, the world’s people be pushed to say “Enough”?

Enough hatred.

Enough greed.

Enough disparity.

Enough violence.

Enough divisiveness.

Enough oppression.

Enough acceptance of the unacceptable.

What will it take for society to raise their voices, their arms, their wills and demand justice for all, decry disparity, embrace differences, and reclaim our souls from hatred?

Perhaps the world is awakening. Perhaps the masses after years, decades, centuries of fear, war and ‘one-upmanship’ have had enough.

A white man’s knee on a black man’s neck. A rich man’s knee on a poor woman’s neck. A ‘have’s’ knee on a ‘have not’s’ neck.

Mass gatherings, burned buildings, loud outrage, public demands will not erase deep-seeded bias’, but may be what is required to say ‘ENOUGH’ in a voice that will be listened to and acted upon.

What actions need to be taken? Whose voices need to be heard? What changes need to be made? How do we fix the problems so starkly exposed and displayed for us all to see?

Or, after days, nights, weeks of violence and unrest will we settle back into complacency, talk about change, but drift back into avoidance and acceptance of the past?

Change is going to require more than talk. It is going to require discomfort, new rules, new behavior, new ideas, and lots of action. It is going to take a new generation of leaders, not in age but in openness and risk taking.

Mistakes will be made, but our planet and all societies need to take a breath and be willing to do the hard work it will take to abandon the selfishness, jealousies, greed, and fears that keep us separate.

We are saying ‘enough’, now how do we make our desires into reality?

Our future is going to require leaders…real leaders…not despots spewing separateness and hostility. Rather women and men offering options cloaked in hope, inclusiveness, and the willingness to shift our core beliefs from  ‘I deserve more than you’, and ‘I am better than you’ to how do we live equally and fairly in this diverse universe?

The way forward is not our past, but a painstaking venture into the unknown. Just as the founders of our nation embarked on a journey not traveled before, we must forge ahead with all voices heard, all willing to make the changes that will insure a new world.

The leaders will be each of us. The future will be determined by what I do, what you do, what we individually and jointly commit to.

And the questions become are we the leaders we want to follow? Do we have a fair and inclusive plan for our lives? Are we willing to change?

If not, why not?

It is time for our answers and ideas.

18 thoughts on “Have We Had Enough? If So, Now What?

  1. I agree with your beautifully written words, but I also agree with Peter. This is a rerun of Watts in the 60s and LA in the 90s, and we espoused change then too. Just as we do after every school shooting – we shout for change but time passes and nothing changes. It seems we humans are not very bright.


  2. I happily had not heard the current horror story. I would have been perfectly happy to continue to be uninformed too. I realize that being uninformed that way, I run the risk of missing something really important, but so far? All the current news (going back years) has done is making me more anxious or more depressed. I can do nothing about any of it., and that makes me more angry. None of those things is good at all. It’s not that the news isn’t important, it is, but it’s just further proof that society or the world or whatever is ending badly. What’s the point in dwelling on that? Thanks for your great post Margo. You can really write! 🙂


    1. Melanie, thank you for your response and your kind words. What a challenging time we are living in, and it can be depressing and frustrating. I keep my optimistic chin above water even though I often get a mouthful of nasty liquid when the waves get too high.


  3. Margo, Your writing has such clarity. Thank you for presenting the words that so many of us feel but Can’t express. Unfortunately on this particular subject what are the answers? Do any of us know what steps to take to initiate change? I have never thought of myself as being at all racist, yet have experienced ingrained prejudice coming to the surface on occasion. There is so much healing to do.
    I realize why this violence is happening and could be necessary, but also fear that it just exacerbates racism. I’m sure Trump will come out soon and speak words that will only cause more divisiveness. Uggg. Couldn’t imagine what news could put the virus on the back burner. Now in 14 days will there be a whole new wave of cases. Oh my just another reason to be grateful that we live here . Love you dear, Veronicka


    1. Thank you Veronicka. I too am uncertain what I can do, except to demand change and right now that seems to be at the polls. I’m so fearful he may win again, and if he doesn’t there may be civil war to get him out of office. I do want our government to make changes, to have plans, a list of actions they will take iin order to make those changes. I think Biden’s running mate should be the one who can lead the march. We need someone full of action and determination. Oh, the times we face! mj


  4. As you have shown us in this well written piece, it is our voices that need to be heard. And we must not allow ourselves to be silenced. We must not become complacent. This can only fade into the background like other times if we stop talking, if we stop having the difficult conversations. The action must be taken by us. We must do more than we have been doing. We must speak up when we see racism, oppression and inequality. We must listen to the victims and the marginalized and stand with them. We must let our leaders know that change has to be made and that we will hold them accountable until it is. We must be the change.


    1. Hey India, thank you for your response and comments. I think most of our country wants to make and demand changes, but will they get to the polls, will they make their voices heard, will they do their part to make the needed changes? I don’t know. I would like to see a definite plan of action of what we should do, but I haven’t seen or heard any such plan, and i think that is what we are missing. I wish I could articulate the path forward, where to start?
      Perhaps that the question I would ask: what is the first action should we take to correct/change/alter/improve the prejudicial biases we all have?


      1. Only Trump would go to war with his own country….. sad day for democracy not just in the USA but the world. To think he was condemning China and the force used in Hongkong.


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