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What Do We Cherish?

The question was recently posed, what do we cherish?

It came after a speaker encouraged his audience to be grateful for all things we have in our life, and to cherish each day and each moment.

As we went around our virtual circle on Zoom, each individual described what they most cherished, what they treasured seeing or tasting or touching.

When it came to me, I surprised even myself when I said with a smile, “I treasure laughing.”

My heart expands, my breath eases, my burdens lighten, my face shines, my fears flee, and I seem to bloom in the moment when I hear a great joke, a quirky reference, or see a clever cartoon.

While others love walking in a garden, or treasure preparing a meal, or holding the hand of a loved one, I want a belly laugh. I want to hear the unforced giggle of a child or the sudden hoots and guffaws at an unexpected observation. Who can contain a laugh when someone twists a word or purposely tangles a meaning?

There is nothing so fulfilling as the banter of quips and comments that make me loose my breath in surprise.

Laughter feeds my soul, and when it is absent from my life, I’m left unfulfilled.

I wrote recently about the memoir my sister and I wrote about our early lives, and most of the memories it evoked were about the fun times we had, the joys we found in our daily escapades.

Yes, there were those times that left us sad or blocked the sun from sight, but around our dinner table we laughed, joked, kidded, and found humor in the most unusual topics.

My husband was one of the funniest people I have known and I laughed most days at something he said. He attributed my appreciation of his humor to my Dad who produced the corniest jokes but did so in such a clever way usually during a family meal. And my older sister was a Carol Burnett in the making with the facial expressions that rivaled Johnny Carson.

Humor was the main course served in our home, and it remains the main course in my life. What grabs your heart? What takes your breath away? What do you cherish?

4 thoughts on “What Do We Cherish?

  1. Humor is all about a connection, I think. It’s a wonderful way to connect with people, so long as the humor is kind and not the variety that tears down. What a wonderful thing to treasure.


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