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Masks–What They Hide

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Masks. They protect us, isolate us, hide us, and hinder identifying us.

Not certain whether you folks around the world are wearing masks, but here in Mexico we have not reached our projected peak for Covid 19, and probably won’t for another 60+ days. Meaning we are urged and sometimes mandated to cover our snouts whenever we go out of our houses.

The masks don’t bother me, except I’ve noticed conversations and even greetings are minimized when meeting friends or saying Hola to a passerby.

There is something about not seeing someone’s full face that puts the brakes on our willingness to interact verbally and visually. We don’t make eye contact as readily. It’s as though we are more afraid of anyone when we can’t see their expressions.

I am a smiler, so it is common for me to give a greeting with a smile on my face. But with a mask on no one can tell if I’m frowning, crying, laughing, grinning, pouting, or doing none of the above. That stops them from getting a clue about how they react to me. Meanwhile, I’m walking along beaming a welcoming “Hola” filling my mouth with cloth and fogging up my glasses.

They see a pink-haired someone, age unknown, motive unknown, mood unknown, friend or foe unknown. If possible, they scurry across the street, cast their eyes downward, and don’t mutter anything…or anything I understand.

Even acquaintances are hesitant to interact since they don’t know who I am if by chance, I have a hat on my head hiding my rosy crown.

I’ve decided to order a couple of masks from some friends who are making and donating them to anyone wanting one or two. On one mask I would have a big smirky grin, and the other one a frown that would scare any 5-year-old.

Now that I think about it, I need one with a waving hand indicating my pleasantness, and one that has a clenched fist or crossed arms prominently displayed, warning the world I’m not in the mood for anything.

There are solutions to face hiding, I just need to give it a bit more thought.

Take care, wash your hands, stay safe, and wear a mask with a message to those you meet, giving them a heads up on your temperament for the day.


4 thoughts on “Masks–What They Hide

  1. We should be wearing masks in this country, and some states (including mine) have mandated it. I have been, but there are those who seem to feel it’s an infringement on their freedom to do so – I don’t understand that attitude. I always smile when I look directly at someone, so I hope my eyes are smiling too since my real smile is hidden.

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    1. Yes, there should be a national policy in the U.S. to wear masks if you are outside or inside in an establishment that is not your home. But, of course, we need national policies about a lot of things, but don’t seem to have a leader to lead us!

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