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Thursday Photo Prompt–Dream


I walked in confusion and frustration. Flat barren earth surrounded me. No path, no destination, no hope.

“Sit down”, she said. “Sit and wait”.

I squatted in the dry dusty soil, hanging my head in defeat.

“Where am I going?” I pleaded. “The horizon is endless.”

“Breath, wait, there will be a way,” she assured.

Eyes closed, unrelenting unknown clogged my way, my heart cried, terror gnawed.

I silently waited, hoping, dreading, fearing, yearning.

“Keep breathing, deeply,” she urged. “Sit in the silence.”

A breeze gently touched my fingers, then my arms, my nose sniffed something in the air.

I waited enjoying these mysterious sensations.

Take a deep breath,” she said. “Slowly open your eyes.”

In the distance I saw low hills then soaring mountains. My gaze moved to my feet and I discovered the makings of a path winding through purple heather.

“Is this where I go?” I wondered.

“Is this where you want to go?” came the reply.

The mountains summoned. I answered.

After all, it was a dream.






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