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Reflections on Weekly Prompts

I’ve often wondered about reflections. Do they catch the real image? Are the colors reflected accurately Which image do I prefer? Am I recalling truthfully. All of these questions are answered depending on my mood, my mental state, and how I feel at any given moment. How I remember something and how the picture looks… Continue reading Reflections on Weekly Prompts

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A Quiet Space in San Miguel

I took a picture of a flower featured yesterday in my blog and it was backdropped by a decorative wall, so I decided to show that to you today. I’m hunkering down in San Miguel de Allende, and it is always delightful to find an outdoor space that is open to the public, with no… Continue reading A Quiet Space in San Miguel

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Easy? Who Says?

For the prompt Easy Peasy from She said it was easy. It wasn’t. He said I could learn. I didn’t. They said it was simple. It was complicated. They said… I quit listening… She showed me. I saw it. He drew pictures. I understood it. He quit talking. I began learning. They smiled. I grew.

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The Cook

He must have known he would cook for me no more. His days of concocting meals, scouting grocery aisles, rolling out dough, perfecting his chili, flipping pancakes, sharpening knives, dirtying every pan in the kitchen were over. He closed his eyes for the last time whispering, “How will you eat?” I laughed and cried.

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I Know A Predator When I See One

This is a reblog from one of my favorite bloggers: Life in the Boomer Lane. Life in the Boomer Lane Musings of a former hula hoop champion I Know A Predator When I See One Posted on August 21, 2020 21 A predator in the animal kingdom is defined as an animal that kills or eats other animals for food.… Continue reading I Know A Predator When I See One

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2020 Democratic National Convention

I listened to wistful voices I applauded accomplishments I realized challenges I recognized hopes I saw the dreams I cried for losses I watched faces I laughed at the jokes I hoped for the futures I feared inactivity I dreamed of equality I planned my actions I felt the urgency I heard the truth My… Continue reading 2020 Democratic National Convention

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Cats and Patience

These 2 cats intrigued me as I watched them patiently stalk, stare, sit, and spy at and on various objects and each other. I don’t have a cat, never had a cat, and never thought I would want one, but these were a study in Patience. See more Patience pictures and comments at

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Growing Up In a Family of Lions

I grew up in a family of lions, and that’s a dangerous place when you are a ram. You guessed it, I’m referring to the birth months of my siblings and parents and myself. I was born in March making me an Aries. The rest of my clan appeared on the scene in the month… Continue reading Growing Up In a Family of Lions