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Happy Birthday Mother

Happy Birthday Mother.

You would be 100 years old today. And what a celebration we would have for you. Flowers, cards, candy, cake, a toast to a grand lady, and lots of laughter.

You are missed and remembered with appreciation for all you gave me: a strong work ethic, a desire to accomplish, a good education, confidence I could march in any direction, and joy in my successes.

Plus you left me with two of your best lines:

“Don’t get it right, get it written.”


“What are your long term plans for your hair?”

Love you Mother.




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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mother

  1. I was thinking much the same thing, yesterday. Mother’s 100th birthday and all my gratitude and love. Sympathy too, for all she suffered through in the years with Dad. And all the stories we’ll never know about her childhood and maybe other loves. We’re all a bundle of jangly nerves and bruised hearts, never quite making sense of the stretch we’re stumbling down, hopefully doing some good along the way. Well, she did do some good. Muchas gracias, Mother.



    1. Mother thought she was being subtle about not liking my hair, but I was not fooled. She obviously didn’t like the style I was sporting at the time. She would flip if she saw my pink hair now. And yes, I do miss her.


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