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Growing Up In a Family of Lions

I grew up in a family of lions, and that’s a dangerous place when you are a ram.

You guessed it, I’m referring to the birth months of my siblings and parents and myself. I was born in March making me an Aries. The rest of my clan appeared on the scene in the month of August, thus Leo the Lion.

For many years I didn’t understand the significance of these personality types versus my own. I took for granted all families had different personalities or animals roaming through the household.

First off, I am not an astrologer, nor do I comprehend most of the science behind the reading or writing of horoscopes, but as I look at my family of lions and a ram, I see those labels were evident.

What I have gleaned from a cursory scan of the basics of horoscopery (that, my friends, is not a word but seems to fit how I want to use it) is that both Aries and Leo are fire signs. Ask not what ‘signs’ mean. Go look it up on Google. Those born under the fire sign tend to be ‘passionate, dynamic, and temperamental’. I can attest to all of that. Some say fire signers are creative, idealistic, intelligent, with lots of energy.

Viewing my family members I would agree, at least about the ‘lots of energy’ description. All of us worked hard, and my Dad played very hard. Dad was also the most temperamental or at least had the most volatile temper. But once spent, he moved on.

Apparently Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, again, don’t ask me, look it up, and as such are passionate and independent trailblazers. I don’t recall blazing any trails during my lifetime, but I have been accused of being competitive beyond reason, another trait of the ram as well as impulsive.

Now take the Leo group. They are natural leaders, also ready to blaze a trail, make a name for themselves with a high dose of self-esteem. They acknowledge, readily, their accomplishments which have been earned by hard work done well. Gaining a job title or workplace status are high among their goals, and they work for them.

And they are Rulers. They lead, and rule the jungle, or so is said about them. When you have strong Leos in the same house, it makes for an interesting and often turbulent environment. I don’t mean violent, just exciting and fascinating.

I’m bringing this up because the month of August always brings family to mind, just remembering the people who celebrated another year of their lives during this 31 days of the year.

I grew up always attentive to which member of the family was leading the pack in any given situation. Sometimes it was my father, very vocal and loud and funny. Most often it was my mother who really ruled the pride, the term describing a group of lions. She was the head lion, so to speak.

As the ram in the household, I learned early on to avoid controversy if at all possible. Let those lions roar on, and I would take my trail blazing talents outside the house and foster them in directions the pride group wasn’t paying attention to.

I survived this percarious position of being a lamb in the lap of lions, and am grateful for all the fun, excitement and learning I gained living amidst the lions in my family.




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