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50 Word Musings

I’m playing around with writing shorter pieces, just to see if I can, and I found a website called 50 words http://50-words.com

The challenge is to write a story, essay, musings in 50 words or less. Here are a few of my latest attempts.

The look was important, it had to be perfect. Swept up in the back, making a sassy statement. I wrapped my head in toilet paper every night, careful to sleep so the paper held my hair in its upward arch. Duck tails are easy to admire but quick to droop.

She sat alone in the 100-year-old jail waiting for visitors. Suddenly two taps on her shoulder startled her as she jerked her head to the left and right. No one there, she went back to work. Another two taps. She paled, knowing there were spirits of lost souls wandering here.

What do the accolades mean? Respect? Notarity? Expertise? Satisfaction? In life’s slippery path success is fleeting, feeding my ego but seldom my soul. Its the difference between porridge and ice cream: one answers my need to consume, the other releases my spirit to taste life’s Rocky Road and Cherries Jubilee.


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