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In Person or by Mail?

The question is not whether to vote, the question is how to vote.

And that decision may be key to a fair election.

With a President shouting voting by mail is fraudulent, threatening to have the Supreme Court rule that mail-in ballots are not valid, and maneuvering to have Electoral College electorates be selected by Republican-led state legislatures rather than by popular vote totals, the answer to that question may result in whether we retain a democratic society or lose it.

I’ve felt fervor about many elections throughout my 50 plus years of voting. But this election has me gasping for relief from the suffocating evil, fear and dishonesty being spewed from the head of this country.

Voting in person on election day was the standard way I casted my ballot for many years, but in the past few years I have often voted early, by mail-in ballots, or absentee voting. I never questioned whether my ballot would be counted. Of course, it would. Selecting those who will represent me is a right and privilege, and I trusted the process.

Now, I’m not sure. I’ve sent in my ballot, encased in two envelopes, signed, sealed, delivered and I hope counted

I wonder, though, if I should catch a plane from Mexico back to Texas and vote in person on November 3. The risk of flying back and forth, standing in line with folks I may not know is a gamble since I am in the ‘vulnerable’ age group highly susceptible to the Covid-19 virus

So, is my health and perhaps my life worth my ballot

That is the question millions of Americans are weighing, and one I haven’t answered yet

Do I trust the justice system to uphold the Constitution allowing my voice to be heard? Or do I jeopardize my life? Do we have to choose? And if so, why?

What will you do?

4 thoughts on “In Person or by Mail?

  1. Well said Margo. I share your concerns. My answer is to do what I can (vote by mail) and do the inner work to stay calm. Loosing my peace of mind will not help anyone.


  2. In my state we vote by mail.I’ll receive my ballot by mail, return it to the drop off box in my little town, and trust as I always have. I would not risk my life by getting in a plane, or standing in line, but each year I become more jaundiced about our system, and since the Electoral College made the last choice, I question even more. Then, if he loses, the real fracas will begin.


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