4 Days

Four days, four chaotic days. It won’t be over, but almost. No one totally satisfied, Winners and losers emerging midst  Anger and joy, anguish and celebrations,  Conflict, turmoil, reevaluations and compromised acceptance. The path to a nation’s soul pockmarked with upheaval,  Paved with hope for a changed and matured nation.


Halloweens Remembered

Thanks to the okay from Brian over at Bonnywood Manor I was inspired to create my own Halloween questions about those weird spooky nights when we knocked on neighbors’ doors, held out our jack-o-lantern buckets and whispered, “Trick or Treat”. So here are my questions about your past Halloweens. When did you begin your treks… Continue reading Halloweens Remembered


Butterflies and Flowers..FOTD

I visited the park today and stopped at the Butterfly Garden. Not terribly thrilled with the shots I took, but I discovered taking pictures of these lovely creatures is harder than it looks. See some flower pictures that may not feature butterflies at Cee’s Flower of the Day Photo Challenge https://ceenphotography.com/2020/10/27/fotd-october-28-peony/


Before Voting….

A friend explained she would vote for Trump not because she liked him but because of his policies.  I had to stop and think about that, wondering which policies those might be, and determined the main policy she supported was to ban abortion. If that is the case, she could vote for Biden, since it… Continue reading Before Voting….


Irish Seascapes

I’m sharing pictures taken during a trip to Ireland several years ago with my daughter as we traveled random roads meandering along the sea, enjoying the sounds of waves, the lovely landscapes, and the delightful people. See more seascape pictures at Travel Words Photo Challenge. https://traveltalk.me.uk/2020/10/18/2020-photo-challenge-42/


Day of the Dead, Part 2

I’m writing more about the Day of the Dead celebrations held in Mexico and Latin America countries annually on November 1-2; two days of reverence I have come to appreciate and respect. It is important to know Day of the Dead festivities are not a version of Halloween, but rather a time to honor life… Continue reading Day of the Dead, Part 2

Goals · musings


Striving has been my measuring stick. Where to go next? Am I earning enough money? Am I successful? Always running toward. Guilt-filled standing still. Life now flows gently. Unconcerned with accomplishing. Avoiding pressure, allowing spaces to expand into hours sitting, staring, thinking, dozing. Unencumbered with goals but burdered with time.


Where The Heart Is

The heart sits in silence wrapped in my warmth, Feeling its voice vibrate with a steady beat, Knowing the pace will quicken and slow But the music will not stop until the song is finished. Another stanza unwritten, another instrument unplayed Perhaps to be heard by a heart yet unborn. https://weeklyprompts.com/2020/10/17/weekend-challenge-where-the-heart-is/