Street Concert in SMA

A friend hosted a street concert yesterday and friends and neighbors lined the street to enjoy an outdoor concert by renowned guitarist Almitri Tzigane who resides in San Miguel. Artists of all types are struggling because of the Covid-19 virus restrictions that have closed venues and limited entertainment engagements. Locals are hosting outdoor events on rooftop… Continue reading Street Concert in SMA


America Changes

Senate Hearing underway. Questions unanswered. Clarity avoided. Truth questioned. Beliefs kept secret. Rules changed. Democrats frustrated. Republicans determined. Laws overturned. Health care dismantled. Womens’ Rights trampled. Pre-existing conditions abandoned. Virus rages. Experts ignored. Trust disappears. Rich empowered. Poor suffer. Families divided. Tempers flare. Supreme Court stacked. Polls overwhelmed. America Changes.


Day of the Dead in SMA

Here it is fall of 2020, and even in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico I can begin to feel the shift away from summer. The mornings are cooler, the days not quite as warm as they were just weeks ago, and blooming plants aren’t as radiant, except for the marigolds Marigolds are the October and… Continue reading Day of the Dead in SMA


What They Need to Know

One day I may need people to care for me, and a friend suggested I prepare useful instructions, in case I’m not able to tell them what I like, hate, want, enjoy. Minor things make a difference in whether I am comfortable, irritated, serene, or cranky, so I’ve penned this letter for my future helpers.… Continue reading What They Need to Know


Norm’s Thursday Doors

Day of the Dead will be celebrated again this year on November 1 in San Miguel de Allende, but all the skeletons may be wearing masks. These two were featured on a retail shop’s front door to welcome visitors in preparation of this wildly popular holiday. It will be interesting to see how the celebrations… Continue reading Norm’s Thursday Doors