More Musings

I’ve sharing more 50-word musings written this week. Hope you enjoy.


I stare at the razor resting on my body, remembering hair curled under her stockings, glimpsed if she lifted her skirt.

Unshaven legs on a woman? Maybe she hides more under her arms.

The sharp edge slides across my skin. I feel the tug of hair beginning a lifetime ritual.


Isolation has freed me to become, to admit, to try, to feel, to release, to find.

Isolation has blocked me from others, from hanging on, from ignoring, from evading, from the way it was.

Isolation has created new landscapes to be explored, requiring abandonment of paths I’ve created and memorized.


Striking the hour alerting me time passes

The chime is old, singing its song in a rich bass voice

Running fast or ticking slowly.

Reminding me I won’t live that moment again  

Beating on whether I hear or choose to ignore

Quietly marking each minute’s beginning and end.

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