Is it Over?

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Whee, it’s over!

But it isn’t. The chaos continues and we, the American citizens are left shaking our heads and our fists shouting ‘Enough already!”

With both sides claiming victory when about 5 million votes separate the two, it is hard to understand how there could be this much controversy. But hey, we have been living with this type of nonsense for what seems like forever.

Having been a reporter many years ago, I do wonder how news coverage will change in the future without the constant barrage of presidential antics.

Remember when the President made a statement or announcement or policy change and folks would listen and watch the proclamation via something besides Twitter? It is hard to recall those days since we have been inundated with ‘Breaking News’ headlines 24 hours a day.

Have news gatherers been conditioned to seek out excitement in each report, or will the public demand calmness from the media and from our leaders? Have we grown so accustomed to hectic and hair-raising pronouncements that we will insist on being stimulated by the news?

The past drama filled years may have kicked our need for upheaval into overdrive, satisfying our desire for unrest to alleviate boredom?

The answers will not be obvious or determined until we live the next few years. To expect our lives will return to the ‘way it was’ is unrealistic, but I am hopeful we are able to reclaim our sense of calm and rational behavior without a desire to fight and a need to feel ‘better than’ or ‘smarter than’, those we oppose.

Yes, I know, this may be just a dream, but it allows me to sleep a bit more peacefully. And I’m hungry for peace.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “Is it Over?

  1. I share your dream. I share your hope. I hope the people wake up to realize what has been is stress-producing and is not needed in our lives. Give it up, Trump supporters – give it up. Then, let all of us extend a hand in friendship and agree to disagree – respectfully.


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