Covid-19 = Opportunities

We’ve made it through Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and nearing Christmas and New Year’s. 

Almost a year of hiding our faces behind masks, washing our hands incessantly isolating from family, friends, and society, learning to cook or memorizing our favorite restaurants’ phone number to order home delivery, and of course, Zooming.

When 2020 dawned, who would have thought we would spend our year like this? 

Fear, anxiety, depression, addiction to Netflix, no shouting in stadiums for our favorite teams, and little if any schooling have filled our days and nights.

What a year this has been for the world, our country, and our communities. 

We need to take a deep breath, a sigh, a release of the tensions caused by Covid-19, protests, elections and more than 250,000 deaths in the United States alone. 

How we got here is something historians will explore and explain in years to come, but meanwhile, we bow our heads and march or stumble forward, hoping this too shall pass…soon.

Personally, I can’t say this has been the most terrible year of my life. Inconvenient, yes, but my family has been spared of having someone in the hospital or having to put off a funeral because of the disease. I’m a fortunate one. I have enough food, I haven’t lost my job. I don’t have babies to feed, I haven’t had to stand or wait in line at a food pantry.

I’m able to donate, to assist, to give my time to those who aren’t as fortunate as I am. The questions are: am I doing what I can; am I giving what I can; is there more I can do?

A friend began paying local women who can sew to make face masks, and handing them out to taxi drivers, bus drivers, and residents of nearby colonias. As the demand for nose and mouth coverings began to diminish, she is helping to turn the project into a non-profit along with other start up organizations enabling women to earn money. All this done with donations.

Several friends are helping to distribute food to folks living in colonias outside the confines of the city. Others are volunteering to teach via the Internet, and some have enlisted neighbors to check on one another providing a safety net for those living alone, in poverty or both.

During this season of thanksgiving and gift giving, I am grateful to be living in this time when the opportunities for helping are so great, and I have resources to give. My small efforts are magnified when joined with the determination and generosity of others.

2020 has been a difficult, challenging, historical and fulfilling year. Thank you to all who have offered a hand to someone in need.

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