Crossing a River

A river of division

A river of division separates our country, and we face the challenge of how to cross that divide without destroying and polluting the center.

I’ve been struggling with how to clean up this river, make it navigable and accessible for all people. And I wonder what I expect and/or anticipate to happen as we search for solutions.

Understand this is a question I am asking myself on a Saturday evening, just six days before Christmas and 13 days before we click to 2021 on our digital calendars. I haven’t decided whether I will sigh with relief or feel dread for what may lie ahead.

Perhaps it will be a bit of both. The prospect of the end to a pandemic that has claimed more than 300,000 Americans lives is something to anticipate, but repairing our ravaged country is a daunting challenge for each of us to undertake. 

The healing, the fixing, the restoring on both sides of the political river cannot be expected to be done in a short time nor by a small number of people. It is going to take a determined commitment by all of us who enjoy this body of water known as the United States to bring peace, civility, and trust back into our lives.

Admittedly I want to blame, throw darts, and criticize a segment of our society for this disruptive and bitter chasm, and that side wants to do the same. But then what do we gain? 

Will our nation be stronger if we stay divided? 

Will we be better off if we can’t or won’t talk with one another? 

Will our economy improve when we continue to oppose everyone who thinks or looks differently? 

Will this divide put the millions of people who are jobless back to work? 

Will we be able to get past Covid-19 if we don’t agree we must? 

A stalemate does not solve any of the problems we currently are arguing about. In fact, it stalls solutions, complicates outcomes, and adds to more grief, death, disruptions and ill will. 

How will we cross this river that divides us and share its bounties?

We must build boats, learn to swim in new waters, manufacture bridges—together. Crossings and sharing are possible.

I anticipate compromises and I expect hard work from all of us.

I welcome the new year, and wave goodbye to the parting one as I tiptoe into the river of change.

5 thoughts on “Crossing a River

  1. Margo, I really liked The River of Change. Thoughtful and insightful. Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

    We will struggle through the inescapable grief resulting from the loss of two husbands in the last six months, both widows still heavy with sorrow. But we have decided to go ahead with Christmas and just try to make it different. I don’t know what our chances are, but we are going to try.

    So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Sent from my iPhone


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