Christmas Trees I’ve Seen

Tis Christmas, a perfect time to show some Christmas trees I’ve enjoyed in years past.

Christmas trees, trees, that little voice
Christmas in the center of Oaxaca 2019
Empire State Building, New York, Christmas tree, that little voice
Not certain it is meant to look like a Christmas tree, but it appears like that to me. Empire State Building, New York City 2015
Christmas Trees, Oaxaca, 2019
A unique tree in Oaxaca 2019
My patio Christmas tree, San Miguel de Allende 2020
Christmas trees, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,
With a few lights and Christmas balls this could be a holiday tree, maybe. What do you think? San Miguel de Allende 2017

My indoor tiny Christmas tree in San Miguel de Allende 2020
This stairway design may not have intended to be a Christmas tree, but this looks like one to me. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2018
Christmas tree in Civica Plaza, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Christmas 2018
Christmas trees of Lights, Oaxaca, Mexico 2019
Community Christmas tree in front of Parroquia, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2016

Merry Christmas to All

And to All a Good Night. 

4 thoughts on “Christmas Trees I’ve Seen

  1. I’m impressed with your two Christmas tress this year. Where did you get them? I took all of our Christmas decorations to Tucson, thinking the kids were going to join us there this year. That didn’t work out, we’re back in Ridgway, and I didn’t bring them back here. So Christmas cards on the mantle are it for us. Think we’ll drive around town and look at the lights tonight. I gave away some pumpkin/cranberry bread loaves to friends yesterday—in the spirit of my sister Margo.

    Enjoy your day, and I hope you see some friends. We’ll be working on our picture puzzle.



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