Christmas Letter 2020

Usually my Christmas letter is written by one or more of my doglets, but they aren’t up to the task having just returned from 3 days at fall camp where they ran miles, played with canine friends, and thank goodness, did not come home with handmade trinkets like I brought from my youthful days at summer camp.

Instead they arrived dusty and exhausted. So, this year the letter is penned by me.

I welcome you to the end of a year we would all like to forget, filled with good news, terrible memories, adjustments, and questioning unknown futures.

However, forgetting is not an option, talking about it is not a possibility, we all lived it. 2020 has been imprinted in our collective DNA, forever changing us, forcing us to view a reality others live but we have shunned or ignored.

My year began carefree with a return to the states seeing my step kids in north Texas, a few days at my sanctuary is southeastern Oklahoma, and a wonderful visit with friends in La Grange, all in the final days of February and early March.

And that folks was the last of my travels for the year. In fact, it was the final trek outside the city limits of San Miguel de Allende. The hibernation began. This bear slept through the spring, summer fall, and now into winter. A long nap indeed.

As restrictive as this alone time has been, I’ve found it amazingly freeing. I’ve written more, I’ve learned more, I’ve let go of many expectations and self- beliefs. My life took a turn I didn’t plan, at least on a conscious level. I believe we attract what we need, meaning I have and am experiencing exactly what I sought: myself.

This year has allowed me to examine my long-held values, weighing them as to their validity, and keeping or eliminating them. I’ve had the time and the privacy with few outside influences to sidetrack me from this internal investigation. Regrets were recalled; high points and low points were remembered; losses and gains appraised.

2020 has been a fruitful time for me, offering me an off ramp to pastures of peace, roads untraveled, and destinations unexplored.

I hope you and yours have found happiness in this solitude created by turmoil that has rocked the world and our country.

Wishing you a glorious holiday season, and a 2021 that brings you a host of unusual and exciting opportunities.

Share your bounty of love.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Letter 2020

  1. You have reminded me that there is something to be gained from every experience and I am very curious to see what kind of world we have once Covid has passed, or at least subsided to a large degree. How much will our lives have changed? I have always cherished quiet time, have never been big on going and doing a lot (or at least have never for several years), so the restrictions have not been too difficult for me to accept. What has been difficult has been the inability to spend more time with immediate family, and the fear of what might come home with me when I must go out, but I am not in alone in that. Wishing you the holiday season joy, and more joy in the next year – which must be better, right?

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  2. Reading this has sparked a thought in me, “It is life Robert, choose to live it! Choose to enjoy it!” The day of giving gifts is almost over but I receive everything the universe wants to “gift” me. Merry Christmas!


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