Insurrection: a violent uprising against an authority or government.

Insurrection is what we saw last week on the steps, in the halls, offices, and chambers of the United States Capitol.

This ‘violent uprising’ was created, activated, encouraged, and applauded, by the President of our country.

It is ignored by ambitious political leaders.

It is supported by eager conspiratorialists.

It is cheered by dangerous racists.

It is perpetuated by Trump believers.

Nothing I write or say, no matter how many tears I shed, nor how angry I am, will change one mind. I will not convince anyone they should watch or read something different. So why do I write about it? Why do I vent here on a piece of paper?

Because it is a more constructive way to express myself. It is less destructive than hiding bombs, shattering windows, terrorizing lawmakers, brandishing guns, and destroying property while congratulating myself for the harm I have done.

There is a sickness when we find pleasure in demolishing rather than building. There is a sickness when we deny truth, there is a sickness when we find hurting more satisfying than encouraging.

Are we afraid of our differences? Are we mad others have more? Are we terrified of change? Or do we just find pleasure in smashing, killing, burning, terrorizing, threatening? Is it more fun to react and not think?

Do I have an answer to why? No. Maybe your mother never called a ‘time out’ and sent you to your room when you misbehaved as a 4-year-old. As an adult the ‘time out’ may be in a jail cell because what was done this week was an effort to sabotage our nation. 

It’s called Insurrection, Mutiny, Rioting.

I call it Evil.

5 thoughts on “Insurrection

  1. That whole day completely removed any tolerance I might have had for Trump supporters, those who are now denying responsibility. I feel no need to keep my tongue under control, or kind, and I am so glad I am not near those friends who voted for the man yet again, because it would not be pleasant. What we saw was the very thing we condemn when we see it happen in other countries, yet we have gone low enough to bring it to this country.


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