Readjustment Time

It’s readjustment time. 

I have been preoccupied with political happenings here in the U.S. for far too long, and have neglected my blog, not responded to posts I’ve scanned, been absent from interactions with friends both near and far and generally been MIA from any meaningful exchanges for what seems like forever. My apologies, my friends.

We have gone from Constant (that is a capital C) bombardment of outrageous proclamations and frantic actions to a calm and methodical routine emanating from our nation’s leader.

My mind and body are reacting to this mind-altering shift. For five years I have been conditioned to watch news with compulsive fear and addictive fascination.

What will happen next? Is this when reality finally grabs hold and penetrates the consciousness of followers? What outlandish claim or terrifying threat will be announced today?

I’m reminded of daytime operas my grandmother listened to on the radio, each episode bringing another bit of drama that keeps the audience hooked and anticipating the next day’s show. One crisis after another and another and another.

The past leader was and is an expert at heightening the tension, inciting listeners and watchers to stay tuned.

Now I’m awash with the shockwaves of calmness as I try to adjust to smaller swells in a quieter sea.

How will I fill my days without receiving the latest ‘Breaking News’ bulletins before digesting the consequences of the last one? 

This monumental shift in news making and reporting is requiring me to realign expectations and actions. I am now free to get back to my blog, write more, walk more, read more, and exercise without the TV always alerting me within hearing distance. 

Yes, I’m now in a readjustment period. I’ll be required to reacquaint myself with past pleasures and thoughts but there is a silver lining: my net income is increasing as my consumption of antacids is diminishing. 

8 thoughts on “Readjustment Time

  1. Yes indeed. Calmness. Like slipping into a soothing hot tub, free to let my mind wander wherever it will, trusting capable people are busy working on my behalf again. It’s only been a week and I already feel more focused, energized, and optimistic. Great post.


    1. Perhaps Friday morning or afternoon? Eager to talk with you. mj

      Thank you,

      Margo Johnson
      979-639-6452—U.S. magic jack

      From: that little voice
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      Date: Monday, January 25, 2021 at 10:48 AM
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      Subject: [that little voice] Comment: “Readjustment Time”


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