Sisters in 50 Words

Sisters, created the same way, growing in the same womb, hearing the same heartbeat, feeling the same warmth of our mother’s body. Four years apart, but still from the same place.

So why our differences?

Why are we so separated? Why are we not aligned, instead competing against one another, alienated, nursing imagined hurts or jealousies unexplored.?Can we reclaim our original sameness? Or will we be forever estranged by unexplained variances

6 thoughts on “Sisters in 50 Words

  1. This could seem very sad to me because I’m really close to my sister. But I have several friends who have sisters they are not at all close to and they’re perfectly accepting of that, even the ones who regret the situation. So I know full well that there is another side to this coin. Well done for being honest. Just being related doesn’t guarantee you’ll get on.


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