FOTD In Pink

I’ve been without internet, wifi, phone service, emails, and my sense of peace for more than 10 days, and have lost my mind. But alas, I have finally found a solution and am back, a bit worse for wear, but ever determined.

So, decided I would search through archives to find a flower picture that perks me up and inspires happiness. Not certain it will work, but I’m trying!

See more Flower of the Day Photo Challenge pictures at https://ceenphotography.com/2021/04/06/fotd-april-7-tulip-fields/.

4 thoughts on “FOTD In Pink

  1. Although I lived the majority of my life without internet, I cannot imagine not having it now. It would be most stress-inducing! It’s my connection to the world, it’s my shopping mall, it’s my lifeline to my son.


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