Gotta Be a Reason

I’ve been mucking around in my mind trying to decide what to write about, if I want to write, why I’m not motivated to put pen to paper, and decided who really cares but me?

No one I know is highly or even slightly interested in my desires to come up with something important or trivial to say, so I decided this is the day to reblog a great post from one of my favorite sites: Bluebird of Bitterness https://bluebirdofbitterness.com/2021/06/01/i-cant-brain-today-i-have-the-dumb-30/.

If you don’t follow this blog, you are missing a daily lift, and today’s contribution put my dilemma in perspective: I’ve just got the dumbs.

Enjoy the posting, and if you really want to laugh, read all about the bluebird’s relatives, shown on the blog’s right side. You will love it.

I can’t brain today, I have the dumb

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