Instant Pot Cooking is Easy?

I have gone crazy, and I know this because I purchased an Instant Pot. It’s almost as bad as me buying a broom and intending to use it. 

Intentions and doing are entirely different. Intentions mean I may get around to it, and doing is actually starting and perhaps even finishing a project.

My intentions for the Instant Pot are good, noble, and perhaps will even be rewarded. I’m still working on the ‘doing’, or at least succeeding. 

Intimidated is how I would define by feelings when I unboxed my new appliance, so I asked a neighbor to help me get started with this new-fangled thing, or at least it is new and certainly fangled to me. 

So we embarked on testing my skills at baking a sweet potato. Let me first explain: this was the biggest, fattest, most rounded sweet potato I had ever seen. Most sweet potatoes I’ve encounter, admittedly my exposure to such has been more than limited, have been normal maybe 3 inches around at their girth. 

This one, however, was close to 6 or 7 inches around, looking somewhat like a small soccer ball; certainly larger than a baseball.

But, never to be discouraged, I pushed forward with gusto to have a wonderful sweet potato for dinner. Several hours later, I cut a tomato, halved an avocado, added cottage cheese and threw the hard as nails potato away and chowed down on my salad.

I marked my first attempt at instant pot success as a learner’s trial, and decided a few days later to cook a pot of pinto beans. They have now been ‘pressuring away’ for something like 3 hours and remain less than edible.

Okay, this is trial 2, and it hasn’t been a total winner, but I’ll cook them overnight and see if they might finally get done.

I’m back to reading the instructions laid out in steps 1-5. How hard could this be? I’ve cooked pinto beans on my stove a lot in my day. Of course, that day was some 40 years ago, but ….

What happened to those days when you could throw a couple of potatoes, a carrot, a bit of celery and a chicken thigh into a pan and boil it for awhile, and it turned out okay? 

Well, maybe I have Covid and my taste buds have deserted me so I can’t really taste the beans. I’ll ask my dentist what she thinks when I go in to see her about my broken tooth caused with I bit down on a pinto bean.

Yea, I love this Instant Pot.

8 thoughts on “Instant Pot Cooking is Easy?

  1. I bought an Instant Pot a couple of years ago because everyone seemed to be raving about theirs. I did manage to cook some things in it, but honestly, I hated the thing. I ended up donating it last year, and I hope whoever ended up with it got more use out of it than I did.


  2. I’m feeling a bit of an outsider here because I love my Instant Pot. It makes the best “hard-boiled” eggs – they peel so perfectly. I’ve had great success with beans and rice – pinto beans and garbanzo beans take a bit longer, but on high pressure for around 45 to 55 minutes, they should be good. I also used it for the potatoes and eggs the last two times I made potato salad. And chicken – cook it, pull the meat off the bones, then cook the bones for another hour or so in water and you’ve got great bone broth!


  3. Maybe cooking wasn’t meant to be insta. I find pleasure in chopping with a good knife of grating on a grater (even if I grate my knuckle occasionally) instead of using a food processor. And I like the scent of beans slowly cooking on the stove. Maybe I’m a kitchen luddite!


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