Where are We Going?

Transitions. I’ve been thinking about them lately.

Our lives are filled with them, moving from one change to another to another, whether it is from singlehood to marriage or changing jobs, or having children, or adjusting to life after the pandemic.

We are in the middle of that last transition, trying to figure out who we are after a year of isolation. What path I now find comfortable to explore.

Did I discover I like being alone? Or did the ‘by myself time’ open me to crave company? 

Have my taste buds expanded to learn about Peruvian, Indian, or Greek cuisines, or have I regressed to my 9-year-old favs like peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, and goulash?

How will I react to life after Covid 19? And what will life be like in this new world? It will never be the same as it was. I have changed. I am different, so how will I embrace the new me?

I’m not the one who can answer that question for anyone else. I’m having difficulty finding the map forward for my own journey. I simply know I’ve changed, our world has altered it spin on its axis, and I’m in transition, debating whether I want to move forward, take a chance, reach for the unknown, or stay secure in my cocoon of isolation.

Do I want to know the unknown Margo? Maybe not. But where is that sense of adventure I once sought? Am I willing to take the challenge, forge ahead into the forest of uncertainties?

We will each make that determination, because we are in another mind-blowing transition, perhaps one of the biggest we will face. Where to from here? 

I’ve never known what the future held, but without taking chances, leaping into the freedom of choices, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am.

As scary as the unknown appears, we have arrived here, bruised, maybe battered, but still standing to face yet another day. 

Good luck on your voyage into this new and different time. We have faced many before, and I’m confident we will take the lessons we have learned and head towards a new day. As much as I want to stay in a safe zone, life pulls at me and I head for the door of different, change and transitions.

8 thoughts on “Where are We Going?

  1. It seems the only constant in life is change – and sometimes change is harder than it is other times. I feel like I’m floundering, trying to figure out me in these times. It’s unsettling.


  2. Thank you for expressing so well what I have been thinking and feeling. I think one of the things I liked about living in pandemic times was there l being fewer expectations. You didn’t have to show up anywhere because you couldn’t go anywhere. At the same time I missed going somewhere.
    I don’t trust that this is over. The restrictions have been greatly relaxed here in Ontario but at the same time they’re still talking about the Delta virus. And I see that areas of Mexico are getting worse again.
    So for now I think I will transition slowly wearing my mask. And will spend some time musing on the changes in and around me.
    Be well and happy, Margo.


    1. Good to hear from you India. Hope you are feeling well, and being back in your home land. Glad my piece connected with you. I’m feeling the push and pull of getting out and staying safely cocooned in my home.


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