In Motion for Weekly Prompts

The Boys make it perfectly clear when it is time for them to spend a few days at camp running, chasing and scuffling with other canines working off the pent up energy they accumulated over the past 30 days. These pictures, my contribution to the Weekly Prompts challenge for ‘In Motion”, show the wrestling and playing they brought to the living room last night.

I immediately recognized the message they were sending: “We need to get out of this house and run our legs off for 4 or 5 days’

So off they went this morning, eager for this reprieve from restrictions.

The pictures are a bit shaky, well, okay, a lot shaky, but perhaps you can tell they are going at each other with vigor. Radar is the smaller one, and Sergio is the larger one. You would think that the size difference (some 20 pounds) would intimidate Radar, but usually he is the one who starts the encounters, and plays rougher than Serg.

See more In Motion pictures at https://weeklyprompts.com/2021/08/14/weekly-prompts-weekend-challenge-in-motion/

In the first photo, Sergio appears to have the advantage

But that doesn’t last long

Radar bares his teeth and with a mighty growl attacks

Then its a standoff to catch a quick breath

Before Serg has Radar pinned down on his back

Yes, it was camp time.

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