Decorating Challenges

I admit my long suit is not decorating. 

The older I become the more I question if I even have a long suit, but I’m clear decorating is one talent I missed.

This becomes painfully clear when I think I need to change something in my house. It could be rearranging the furniture in one room, hanging a new item on a wall, or perhaps painting a room a new color. Whatever the task, I feel inadequate, uninspired, and fearful I’ll make a mistake.

All of those emotions no doubt is based on past failures when it comes to decorating or arranging. 

Friends will come over to suggest alternatives, and will offer to hold a new picture up so I can see if the location is right. I usually end of holding up the item and asking them to tell me if it looks okay. 

How do I know if it is perfect or wrong or so-so? 

I do have eclectic taste. It has been kindly described as fun, unusual, bright, and novel. The more unkindly descriptions would be weird, questionable, awful, strange, and oh no!

This seems to be foremost on my mind right now because I have decided to paint a couple of walls in my house in an attempt to brighten up my hallway with a bit of gold, orange, reddish brown, reddish orange, light orange, light gold or maybe a blue would be better.

You can see the dilemma. I haven’t a clue as to what the right color might be or even what I want it to look like. I just want some added spark to the area. 

One friend suggested gold, another recommended orange, my tarnished taste thought about blue, and then someone thought an exotic green would do. 

If I had one iota of color intelligence, I would know immediately what would work. But since my long suit isn’t in full bloom, I’m left painting swatches of various colors all along the walls. 

I’m intending to decide in the next year. After all, the longer I put it off the more color splotches I can add to the walls. That will be my hobby during this new phase of the pandemic.

I guess this is the reason people hire interior decorators, to guide those without a clear vision of what they want to a place where they think what they end up with is perfect.

To be satisfied I only need one person to enter my abode and exclaim, “Oh, what eclectic taste you have!” 

I’ll know I’ve succeeded. Who cares what ‘eclectic taste’ means to someone else, I’ll hear “Oh, what a perfect color you selected.”

7 thoughts on “Decorating Challenges

  1. My tastes are usually bland, I rely on accessories either to blend with my bland or jump out in colour,

    One of my favourite online sites is Houzz. It’s full of ideas and topics on home decor, and the homes of others are showcased. You can create your own ideas book on the site and save images you like. There are grand homes and tiny apartments, but there’s usually an idea or two that you can adapt. There is a Houzz UK and a Houzz US. Take a look it’s free.


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