I’ve written a couple of items for the first picture as part of Patrick Jennings’ Picture and a Word Challenge at https://wordpress.com/tag/pic-and-a-word-challenge.


Leaving is hard, my arms are strong

Staying is simple, my survival is complex

The journey is long, my will is determined

Decisions are perilous, my vision is clear

The future is unknown, my soul is hopeful

Leaving is hard, remaining is impossible


Coming or going?

Arriving or leaving?

Do you see my face or view my back?

Are you on my path to or from?

When I arrive I will have left.

When I leave, I will someday arrive.

My second picture evoked this response:

The world awaits my wandering soul

Forever eyeing where to go

Pondering all the exciting places

Unafraid of unexplored spaces

But parting requires saying goodbye

Can I leave you without breathing a sigh?

Alone you’ll be awaiting my return

I’m gone forever you will learn

My travels will take me far and wide

but I’ll always long to be by your side.

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