There is Enough

The rush is on. 

Santa is over feeding his reindeer, polishing the shiny nose of Rudolph, frantically getting the gifts to be delivered in order, and wondering how many toys, clothes, electronics, and do-dads will fit in his ever-increasing sized sleigh.

And down on earth world, the lucky ones are buying more goodies so no family member feels slighted, and the unlucky ones…well, they hope their children get a meal and perhaps a warm night’s sleep.

I can’t help but wonder if we ‘well off’ Americans know just how fortunate we are? Do we understand the abundance of our country, and how under-abundant most of the world is? 

Of course, most people throughout the world don’t celebrate Christmas the way we do. They don’t over eat, over indulge, and over spend. In fact, they may not even know Santa is on his way to millions of homes on a starry night this month. 

Millions more are huddled together, hopefully near a fire, waiting on some soup to warm their weary bones. They smile at their children. They hope for better days and nights. They want for their kids, and most don’t know what the ‘want’ they wish for looks like.

We Americans are generous, but are we generous enough? Could we offer relief to more people? Could we level the mountains and valleys that separate the haves and the have nots? And do we want to? 

Maybe we feel entitled to have more. Maybe we fear if we share we will have less and someone else will take our place in the entitlement line. Perhaps we feel the world’s poor is too big a problem to tackle. Or perhaps, we just don’t think about it.

But this Christmas, I hope we open our hearts and investment accounts to someone other than ourselves, to those who aren’t family members, to those who don’t own stock in your company. 

Christmas is about the birth of a child who spoke of goodness, peace, love, kindness and generosity. 

There is enough for everyone in this world; enough food, clothing, shelter, and opportunity if we allow Santa to deliver what is needed to everyone’s home.

I hope Santa’s sleigh bells ring throughout the world this Christmas as we share our abundance generously.

Have a merry Christmas, a sharing Christmas, a giving Christmas, and a loving Christmas.

6 thoughts on “There is Enough

  1. So very well said Margo, and so true. There are so many less fortunate than we are and they are not necessarily in a foreign country, they may be 200 yards down the road! Many do not see, many do not want to see, and many see but turn away. I hope and wish for a better world tomorrow. If we can make it a better place each day by just a little bit then very soon we shall start to facilitate the Santa factor everywhere. Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year ahead, not just to you, but to everyone.

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