Welcome 2022

A new year. 

Does it seem possible we have ended another year of strife, illness, change, Covid-19, and even happiness?

Amidst all the gloom we see, read about, and experience, we are also fortunate to find joy and take time to enjoy life’s smallest gifts. Within the darkness, there is also light.

Perhaps it is a child’s smile, a friend’s voice, a walk near the river, a quiet hour by our self that brings some peace to our soul. A good book, a funny movie, a lively conversation may ease the stress, the doubts, the anger or the despair that overtakes our thoughts.

A new year. 

It doesn’t erase memories and often doesn’t alleviate pain, but it does offer hope. Hope tomorrow will be better, hope hostilities will end, hope our steps will be lighter, hope for good to prevail.

As with anything new, surprises will surface, doubts will cloud thoughts, and experiences never known will occur. But hope stays alive in our hearts. 

One of the great wonders of being human is walking an unknown path and realizing we are alive, able to suffer and survive, fail but continue to try, be blinded and retain our dreams.

Thank goodness we can embrace a new year with optimism and blind hope laced with a willingness to challenge our fears, and provide space for our hearts to soar.

Here’s to happy flying, and earthly pleasures. 

Welcome 2022 !!

6 thoughts on “Welcome 2022

  1. There is much in this life that is good – the people I love, my animals, the birds outside my window, the sun shining through the window, the freedom to move about pretty much as I wish to – those are my focus for this new year. Because, I have enough – and I wish for you enough.


  2. Very nice thoughts on being human beings. It’s really a gift to enjoy small gifts in the midst of storms surrounding you. I like this approach.
    Wish you a Very Happy New Year 2022.


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