Taste Buds Expansion

I’ve been called lots of things, but sophisticated is not a term commonly used to describe my character, my humor, or my behavior. 

After all, I was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Texas. Neither is not known as a hotbed of sophistication. 

But I was surprised when a friend described my taste buds as ‘unsophisticated’.  

Who knew taste buds could be stylish or classy? And what exactly are elegant taste buds? 

I think she was trying to find a nice way of saying I have limited experience with various foods. 

Why would she think that? I know the difference between excellent and mediocre goulash. Just because my weekly diet consists of at least one baloney and cheese sandwich doesn’t mean I’m lacking refinement in my food choices. 

However, I consider myself a connoisseur of hamburgers. Anyone who grew up on the plains of west Texas can pick a real burger from a line-up of ‘wanna be’s’. The authenticity depends on how much grease drips from the buns, plus how many tomatoes and what kind of lettuce sits atop the meat patty.

If the tomatoes aren’t beefeater they aren’t part of the ‘real deal’, and if spinach, arugula or speckled radicchio lettuces replace iceberg greenery, send it back. 

I married a cowman, so I can tell calf fries from turkey fries, and cow from buffalo burgers. 

But my palate was expanded this week when I had a Wagyu meat burger. For a kid who has eaten beef every week of her life, I learned just how ignorant my taste buds are, and I’m delighted to have exposed them to a bit of sophistication, class, and elegance.

Never heard of Wagyu beef? I hadn’t either, but I came home from devouring a Wagyu burger and looked it up on the Internet, and we all know you can believe everything found on the Internet, right?

For those of you who also have unsophisticated taste buds, here is a bit about Wagyu, a breed of cattle native to Japan. It is one of the most (if not the most) expensive beef around, and is renowned for being highly marbled giving it a ‘unique tender and buttery flavor.’

Wagyu cattle are fed longer than other breeds, are high in omega fatty acids, and need a stress-free environment (don’t we all?) in order to get the correct amount of marbling.

Now you know as much as I do about Wagyu, and whew, I feel so much better with all that knowledge. I’m going to rush over to my friend’s house and announce my new level of taste bud sophistication. 

Then, I think I’ll fix some goulash for supper tonight since I don’t have any Wagyu calf fries.

2 thoughts on “Taste Buds Expansion

  1. My palette is very sophisticated – it knows what I like and what I don’t like, and that’s all I need it to know. Truth be told, too many years of smoking (I quit in 2006) left my taste buds and smell buds woefully lacking.


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