Summer Heat

I’m baffled why the summer heat is so stifling now, when it didn’t bother me 70+ years ago when I was a mere child.

We rode our bikes all over town in the middle of the day, with never a thought of what the temperature gauge showed. Sandlot ball games were another summer activity that kept us sweating, again without even considering comfort. We did dance through the sprinklers in the front lawn, squealing as only young girls can do. And afternoons at the swimming pool were common. I think the folks used the swimming pools as a baby-sitting service.

The hottest (literally) thing we did was build tents with old Army blankets (Navy blankets probably since my dad was a sailor). We would hang them over the clothes line in the backyard and spend hours inside those steam boxes planning all sorts of mischief. 

When visiting grandparents, we didn’t have bikes, so we walked everywhere. One grandmother lived on the south side of town, and the other grandparents lived on the north side. My sister and I would amble between houses deciding which one had fresh cookies or fresh bread at any given time of the day. 

Now that I think about it, the reason we didn’t notice the heat was no doubt the gallons of Kool-Aid we drank. Our tongues would remain red or purple or green or orange depending on the day’s flavor in both grandparents’ refrigerators. Or, maybe it was the soaked raisin juice my granddad kept cold. 

When I have soaked a large jar of raisins I find I don’t drink it fast enough and it ferments. Oh, that must be the reason Granddad kept a never-ending supply of the wonderful juice on hand. 

Fermented raisins will take your mind right off those hot, climate changing, summer days! I’ll just find some raisins, pour water over them, put them in the refrigerator until next month when temperatures in San Miguel begin to heat up, and prepare myself for a bit of aged raisin juice. For the 6 weeks of summer we get here in Mexico I’ll just sit on my patio and consume the cold juice along with some tacos from the vending truck down the street, and pray I don’t get sick from either of my indulgences. 

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