Easy, who said anything is easy?

It is easy to love a new born, but giving birth is hard.

It is easy to bake a pie, but perfecting it can be anything but easy.

It’s easy to fall in love, but it is tough to maintain a level of commitment when you realize you like different TV shows and your loved one has control of the remote,

It’s easy to take a side in an argument, but hard work to see both sides.

It’s easy to feel sorry for someone, but difficult to console with your heart.

It’s easy to be friends, but not an easy task to be forgiving when they hurt your feelings.

It’s easy to give to a needy cause, as long as it doesn’t impact your living standard,

Life is not easy. It requires thoughtfulness, letting go but fighting for what you value, and listening with love.,

It also means picking yourself up when knocked down, gulping down your impulse to broadside the car that cut you off when you are late to an appointment.

It means shutting up and showing up when the going gets rocky.

And who said it was easy to laugh at ourselves when we make an embarrassing blunder.

I think I am glad things aren’t easy. It teaches me patience. It challenges me to find solutions I hadn’t considered, and it humbles me to know I haven’t a clue about what I’m doing. 

Oh, I grumble about life being hard, somehow thinking I deserve easiness. But what I deserve is learning to continue sloshing through life’s muck and hoping there is a shower waiting for me at the end.

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