What is This?

I find myself looking at something in my kithcen, or living room or bathroom and asking ‘What is this and why did I buy it?’

Gadgets. They occupy spaces that could be housing some worthwhile thing-a-bog that I really do need. But, instead, I have this ‘thing’ I haven’t a clue what to do with. Maybe it is a pointy-edged spoon someone said is for grapefruit dissecting. The last time I ate a grapefruit was in my 30’s, and that was some 50 years ago. So, why do I still have it?

And tell me, how many slotted spoons does one need in a silverware drawer? Two, six, ten? But, what if I can’t find one when I need it, even if they are all located in the same place stacked on top of one another?

My theory must be, if one is good, five is better.

Oh, and how about can openers? Electric, handheld, ragged edgers, smooth cutters. I have one of every kind. There is even one in my bottom drawer I don’t even know how to use, but, I have it, just in case.

My sister visited a few years ago and wanted to sift some flour, but I didn’t have such a thing. It now sits proudly on a bottom shelf, alone, ignored, and unused. But I have one.

I even discovered recently an eggbeater…not a modern day whisk, but an old fashion crank egg beater like my grandmother used to mix bread ingredients.

Now that I think about it, I could open an antique kitchen gadget store or even a museum of appliances once thought necessary and useful.

I must admit, I do have and use the the dish rack for drying plates, silverware, pots, glasses and bowls. You remember those, don’t you? They were pre-dishwaher days must-haves. I still use the drying rack because my dishwasher is so complicated, I don’t know how to use it. But, I consider it a good investment for resale purposes.

My kitchen is overly stocked with pots and pans, thanks to my late husband who used all of them. He was particular about having sharped knives (hand washed, of course), perfectly oiled cast iron skillets, lids that fit every pan, and spatulas, spoons, grippers and hot pads for every culinary event.

Most of those items are also located beneath the kitchen cabinets, gathering dust because they have not seen the light of day for the 17 years since he died. He would be pleased to know that they are in the same pristine condition he left them.

One item I am not using that he insisted on having in his kitchen is paper plates. He placed his dripping spoons and messy grippers on those plates instead of on a regular, breakable dish. Saved me from having to wash an extra dish, but I figure I’m saving a bit of a tree by not using paper. Of course, I’m having to use water to wash, but I’m not contributing to the landfill.

Meanwhile, it may be time to think of having a ‘gadget’ garage sale. Bet people would buy all those items I don’t use so they will have them, just in case.

This is my contribution to this week’s Wednesday Challenge from Weekly Prompts. See more at https://weeklyprompts.com/2022/05/11/weekly-prompts-wednesday-challenge-gadgets/

5 thoughts on “What is This?

  1. Have you ever notived that the container housing all those necessary gadgets from time to time gets terrubly over crowded?


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