Voiceless but Home

I lost my breath and my voice over my travels through the Swiss Alps.

The 12 day trip was breathtaking, and my return with jetlag apparently was voice-taking, but well worth both experiences.

A friend and I joined 20 other tour group folks from the US, and we were all delighted with the sights, smells, tastes, and companionship of the train rides through the mountains and valleys of this charming country.

Well, that was until the end of our portion of the tour.

As all but 6 of us were set to leave Switzerland to return to the US, we had our noses invaded with cotton swabs in order to determine if we were infected with Covid 19. As you may know, in order to enter the US one must be tested at least 24 hours prior to heading to our homeland. 

As we sat around, watching each person get tested, well we really didn’t watch others get tested, they were around the corner from public view, none of us throught we would be missing our planes the next day.

But, the best laid plans….

We had already had 2 of the group isolated because they self-tested positive during the first week of the trip. We all were careful about wearing masks on our train rides and buses, with the understanding we were a close group, eating together, drinking together, and enjoying each other’s company—together.

I hadn’t thought too much about contracting Covid, nor did my traveling partner, but as we sat waiting our turn, I began to fret what we will do if one or both of us tested positive. 

Several minutes after our test, the tour director told us we had tested negative and could head back to our rooms or stroll the streets of Zurich until dinner time. 

That, my friends, was good news, but not necessarily unexpected. We both had purchased Covid-19 insurance that would cover expenses like an extended hotel stay, new flight plans, food, etc. so we headed to the nearest watering hole to celebrate.

Our group gathered for dinner a bit later in the day, and as I surveyed the diminished number of folks at the table, it became apparent we were missing quite a few…as in 8 people. 

That meant 10 of our original travelers of 22 had tested positive! Holy Moly, this was unbelieveable!

Those additional 8 infectees were ordered to isolate and not get out of their rooms for at least 5 days, and perhaps more if they were still testing with plus signs after the initial lock-down period. Meals were to be delivered to each room and left outside the door…no in person interaction with Anyone.

What was tricky about this is that one married couple and their adult daughter were forced to separate, since the father and daughter were positive and the mother was negative.

I don’t know the final chapter of all this drama for everyone, but I am grateful to know we dodged the Covid bullet, and we have tested negative since our return to our separate locations. 

My only lingering side effects of my spectacular days in the Swiss mountains is voice loss, and my friends and neighbors are probably celebrating my silence.

More on our journey to come.

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