Why Am I on First?

I hadn’t given much thought about what my life would be like when I moved to Mexico. I had nothing specific in mind except to do a bit of writing, take a few pictures, explore the city of San Miguel, and just do nothing.

No expectations of strapping on boots of accomplishments, but rather to stumble along the cobblestone streets in my sneakers of laziness.

All was going well, according to my non-plans. I joined the masses who walk miles each day, to and from work, grocery shopping, visiting friends, strolling neighborhoods, and staring at the sky while sitting in the shaded parks tucked here and there throughout the city.

Even Covid fit into my life comfortably, cocooning with my doglets in isolation and writing about whatever came to my mind whether it was interesting or not.

Being a vegetable living in the soil of humanity while soaking in the sunshine of noncommitment was satisfying, not challenging, but certainly peaceful.

Then one day, I was asked to head up an organization, one I knew little about although I had been involved with since moving here. 

Why did they pick me, I asked? What could I offer? And why in the world would I want to break the monotony I was enjoying?

Apparently, I appeared bored, no one else would take the job, and I have difficulty saying no.

My life has gone through a transition or several transitions. No longer am I snuggled in my cave of aloneness, basking in the freedom of noncommitment. Oh no. Now my email box is filled with questions demanding answers, requirements to show up at activities, zoom meetings backed by more zoom meetings, and endless hours of attempting to remember what I have said or promised or need to do.

What happened to my multitasking talents?

I’m finding myself busy just doing one thing, and usually not doing it well, while remembering back in the day being quite adept at keeping those proverbial plates spinning while answering the phone, writing emails, feeding the dogs, and washing clothes.

Nowadays just attempting to find the mailbox key can take all morning, then walking to and from the post office, reading the mail, hurling 99% of it haphazardly in the nearest trash can, and, of course, taking my nap…my day is shot. I am exhausted, wondering how I ever held down a job, got sandwiches made and boiled rice.

Yep, those were the days when my brain was activated, my limbs were loose, I could hear what was said, and I didn’t have standing appointments with multiple doctors every week! And I could remember where I was and why.

Thank goodness, most of the organization I am misleading consists of people who don’t remember what I am supposed to be doing, nor do they hear or see any better than I do.

Thus, we are happy, thinking we are doing well, not realizing our children are glad we are in a different country. 


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