Allowing Quietness

I’m sitting in the quietness of my casita, alone, except for my canine companions crowding against me, one on either side pushing the boundaries of my one-person chair.

It’s a clear and soft morning, expectations abandoned, duties postponed, a remote calmness seeping into my being, stilling the restless energy of accomplishment.

Seldom do I allow my mind to rest, to sit idle, wander hidden paths without destination, content to just be in my aloneness.

Yes, this moment will pass. The pressures of contacts, obligations, and responsibilities  will force the door to my isolation open, tumbling me back into my life of activity, schedules, and doing.

I wonder why I don’t insist on carving out those precious moments to be with myself regularly, giving space for imagination to flourish and creativity to roam freely in my body.

What would I become? Who would I be? How would my life look if given freedom and space to fly?

I don’t know those answers, but I believe I would feel lighter, more energized, and perhaps even more interesting if I allowed myself to be alone, silent, and mindless for a few moments each day.

Oh my, what would my friends think? But more importantly, would I like this different me?

Perhaps I’ll spend a bit more time seeing how this expanded me fits with the old me, and will they dance together or find new partners? Now that will be an interesting outcome!

5 thoughts on “Allowing Quietness

  1. It sometimes gets crowded here, with me, myself, and I! I do like alone time and have always managed to find time to be alone, even if in a crowd. A necessary skill to learn from when I first joined the army!


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