San Miguel Artistry

An art walk was held recently in our San Miguel de Allende Colonia and I am sharing some of the art pieces I found in homes, yards gardens, and parks.

This lovely statue is a greeter at the nearby dog park, but some creative visitors added their own touches to the fellow.
He does look a tad bit more sinister, but he bears fruit.
Artistry abounds here.
This is a black and white hand made quilt.
And this one dimensional quilt, appears 3 dimensional.

What appears to be a doorway is an intricate work of art on a garden wall.
This is a close up of the art above the look-alike door.
A close up of the details with color, material and creativity makes this a unique piece.
One of my favorite pieces in a garden.
Art work found in a neighborhood restraurant is a study of the human body.

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