I whispered goodbye 

As you drifted away, 

disappearing in a mist

I could not understand

I whispered goodbye

Yearning for your return,

Your once colorful image 

Dimming with each step you took


I whispered goodbye

Wondering who you had become

Where you were going

Why you were leaving

I whispered goodbye

Surprised when you returned

Confused then fading   

lost in your unknown world

I whispered goodbye

To the you I had known

And introduced myself

To the stranger you had become

I whispered goodbye

But shouted ‘Don’t go’

As you wandered further away

To a life without me 

I whispered goodbye

Hoping for your safe journey

Crying for the way it is

Remembering the way it was

I whispered goodbye

Waved my hand as you disappeared

Knowing you would not return

To the life we had shared

I whispered goodbye

To this lover I once knew 

Celebrating our togetherness

Forever saddened by our parting


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