Just Ask Seri

Oh, the rush is underway to order the new iPhone…number something.

I’m not against the newest version, but I do wonder if there are changes in the world that could be considered even more exciting. I read an article recently about changes like the rover on Mars, and the ability to “print body parts” that can actually be used. Now, those are life changing announcements, whereas having Seri give you the weather forecast doesn’t seem to be all that big a deal.

If you are wondering who Seri is, you obviously don’t own an iPhone, or have any friends or children. If you had either you would know all about Seri because friends and children are eager to have Seri answer any question you may have.

If I look at my life in perspective of the past 10 years or
so, I wouldn’t say that the iPhone is the greatest thing that has happened to me. Yes, it is a fun and useful gadget, but I do recall when getting a mouton coat was a big deal to me, and it turned out, I probably used that coat about the same length of time that I will use my version of the iPhone.

We will, no doubt, look back on this particular craze and wonder why we got so excited about having a larger screen or
a better camera, or a clearer visual experience. Just as I try to explain why a mouton coat was such an important thing in my life at 16, I’m trying to understand why the “latest” whatever will make my life better. In truth, it won’t change my life one bit.

I would like to think that this new technology will add to global peace, eradicate crippling diseases, soften people’s prejudices, give comfort to the people struggling to feed themselves and their children. Alas, doubt that it will do any of those things directly.

If we can spend billions (with a B) on electing a President, and millions on new phones, wouldn’t you hope that we could educate more children, lighten the load for those needing assist- ance, and comfort those who are hurting?

Guess I’d better ask Seri. Maybe she’ll have an answer.


7 thoughts on “Just Ask Seri

    1. Peter, Like Carol, I’m responding to a question that wasn’t meant for me, In all the years I’ve used an iPhone I’ve never asked Siri a single question, so I have no idea whether Siri is a boy or a girl. The name Siri sounds feminine which suggests s/he was born a girl but now identifies as both. How very modern.

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  1. Although the question was not directed at me, I chose a female South African Siri. That was on my iPhone 7 – then I moved to 13 (because 7 started being difficult), and I haven’t bothered to change my Siri. I do have to laugh all all the “new” innovations – my first cell phone was a brick, then the much smaller folding phone – when smaller was better. Then folding phones were history, but they started getting bigger and didn’t fold, and now Samsung is back with this wonderful new innovation – a folding phone!

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  2. My phone is for MY convenience. I will not bow to convention or social norms. If I want to turn it off, I will. If I want to ignore beeps and rings and tones, and jingles, I will. Get used to it, I am not going to change!


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