More Quirky Christmas

Christmas is here, and the spirit that swirls around every house has suddenly infiltrated mine. This may be the first time such feelings have emerged in close to 15 years or longer.

I don’t remember many Christmas days or dinners during that time whether because I didn’t do anything or because I’m getting older. I do remember what I had for breakfast this morning…I just finished it, so it is fresh on my tongue.

For the first time in many years I have the urge to cook something traditional, but not a turkey. That is a bit more than I want to tackle. So, I’m settling for other traditional dishes. 

I mentioned, or hinted, in my previous columns about the sweet potato casserole topped with marsh mellows my dad claimed as his specialty. Of course, green beans with mushroom soup and crowned with canned crispy onions were part of our Yuletide menu. In Mexico one must make some ingredient adjustments since basics in the U.S. are not considered basics by our southern neighbors, so the canned onions may be replaced with Fritos.

I even brought out my seldom used large pots to mix and fill 15 mini-aluminum pans with pumpkin-cranberry bread dough. Haven’t done that in several years. 

Then I went searching in my casita for my small artificial Christmas tree, and I found half of it…the top half. Would someone explain to me how a bottom and a top get separated without some sort of surgery I don’t believe I performed?

Thus, I improvised and now have half a tree leaning haphazardly in a pot hoping I can get it stabilized so the little angel won’t follow off and crack her head.

Just in case you don’t know, Christmas is hard work. No wonder my husband was never interested in the celebration. It is demanding and takes a great deal of planning, climbing, improvising, time, and cooking. 

I’ll give a full report on how this holiday turns out, next week, as I heat up the sweet potatoes and the pinto beans. 

Should I bake some cornbread too? Never mind…just have a very Merry Christmas.


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