Clock Twisting

What time is it? 

That depends on where you are in the world, if you are on Daylight Savings Time, and if you have a reliable watch, clock, or sundial. 

Sundials aren’t a ‘must have’ in my list of furnishings, so I must depend on my cellphone or my trusty antique clock that cares not where I’m located. It’s hands just keep circling the clock face, oblivious to what laws governments decide to enact to keep all of us confused. 

Truth be revealed, I have electric clocks, battery operated tickers, and polar powered devices, all just tickin’ away the minutes of my life.

I’m obsessed with time right now because the United States demanded clocks be kicked forward an hour, while Mexico made no such demands, deciding to remain on standard time. 

So, you wonder why I’m obsessing over this clock shifting? It’s because I’m now confused about the time differences between me and my kids in Texas, and what time I can call my sister in Colorado before she goes to bed at night. 

Even though my clocks didn’t change, I’m still emotionally and literally feeling the effects of this crazy need to alter our time pieces.

Explain why this back and forth of altering our clocks is necessary. Who is benefiting with messing with Mother Nature? I don’t think it is Father Time. No doubt some industry makes more money if we are befuddled for several weeks a year when we aren’t certain if we are an hour early for a meeting or an hour late.

All I know is I was thrilled Mexico decided not to play the clock rotation game, until I realized my news program I watch on US time is now at 4 o’clock rather than 5 o’clock although it is actually the 6 o’clock time in New York. 

If you understand that last sentence, you must work for one of the companies benefiting from this clock tinkering fetish. 

How about if we just split the differences and move our clocks back or forward just ½ hour and leave it there? Now that would discombobulate the works, wouldn’t it? 

I vote for that, if only there was a vote to be had. 


7 thoughts on “Clock Twisting

  1. Just to confuse things further, Arizona does not change time. Not sure if it is standard or daylight savings time it uses, but it remains the same. Oregon and Washington have voted to do the same, but are waiting for California to join them – although I have no idea why that’s necessary. I will be happy when we do what Mexico does – just pick one and stay there.


  2. I’m interested in this polar powered clock you have Margo! 😉 We should take advice from the birds, or farmers, and adjust our rising and sleeping times according to mother nature but leave the clocks alone.


  3. Yep it’s nuts. But even if the US settles on a time and sticks with it, time will still be an issue near the time zone borders. My sister lives in western Georgia, on eastern time, my brother lives across the river in eastern Alabama on central time. When I’m visiting either of them my phone clock clicks back and forth between times and I never know what time it is. They’ve taken to saying ‘meet you at 3:00 Alabama time.”


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